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Stem Cells: The Future Of Regenerative Medicine And Its Controversies

Stem cells are now gaining popularity, and you may have heard of it in the news, read about it in magazines, blogs or articles, but what are these stems cells and where do they come from?

Most of the cells in the human body are more on differentiated cells, and every human starts out as a single cell, fertilized, divide into different cells and differentiate to become a functional part of the body such as muscle cell or blood cell. Almost all of the cells that are present in the human body is more on what is called differentiated cells, and by basic a human originates from a cell, gets fertilized, divides into several cells and differentiate to become functional parts of the human body like the muscle cells. These so-called stem cells are also cells that did not go through the differentiation stage as like any other and they have the ability to regenerate multiple time to break down into another stem cell or as a differentiated cell.

The most common ways of taking stem cells are focused in two ways, one is called embryonic stem cells are taken from 2-5 days old embryo, and the other is taken from a bone marrow and fatty tissues from a patient and this are called adult stem cell.

In most uses of stem cells, the most popular is its essential functions in the regenerative medicine as researches have been conducted that it is effective for the repair or replace tissue or any organ function lost due to congenital defects, disease, damage, or age. The controversy that lies in stem cells is the argument in taking it from a human embryo which in essence many claimed to be a life being formed already and the with the taking of the stem cells such embryo will be wasted.

And because of this it had raised concerns and topics that correlates the conflict between science and religion that raised the concern of many.

Another controversy that has been a concern for the use of stem cell is that there are clinics that are using it for treatments for some issues and even diseases with no known treatment as yet and without the appropriate research. Thus the true and proven research and finding of stem cells are put into question here because of these claims that have raised doubts to many people.

Make sure that when you decide to use stem cell for any treatment, ensure that the clinic you go through have performed the extensive research in their treatment, and know those that are less reputable that may not be good for you.

In the present time, continued research is still done to ensure full functionally of stem cell, and eradicate those controversies surrounding it, and once this research is gone wide, it will be the great future of regenerative medicine.

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