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Make that First Kiss Memorable

A good and passionate kiss can leave a lasting impression. It can actually be used to tell people how you feel about them, how much you love them and so forth. It is vital to ensure that you are keeping your passion alive with your partner most especially when talking about kissing. There are actually instances that it could take a couple of basic moves that could help you in getting your kisses to pucker up and that is the reason why you are here.

We will provide you with some of the basic yet most effective tricks and secrets in upping your kissing game and techniques. Thus, you know that you are always ready regardless if it is rekindling the romance with your partner, going on a first date and so forth.

Tip number 1. Be clear on your intentions – when talking about where the kiss will lead, it is essential that you are clear and thorough with your intentions. This is true especially when you are with your partner. It is easy to give the wrong impressions when you are kissing someone. With this being said, if you are waiting for a kiss no matter who your date are, there are actually some hints that serve as a signal. For instance, when talking with them, focus on their lips a little. In the middle of your conversation, you may look down at them every once in a while, which is an effective way of executing this.

Tip number 2. Take it soft and slow – does it ever happen to you being on a date with someone and your first kiss with them is either plain stiff or aggressive? This is for sure one of your terrible kissing experiences if your answer is yes. It can become a bit awkward on both ends when the kiss is too stiff or aggressive. Having said that, always start slow and soft when leaning in for the kiss. There is no need to go heavy or rush things up as things build up from there.

Tip number 3. Meet halfway – when you are kissing your partner or date, just lean in for at least 50 percent or less and then let your partner to come the rest. Even if you feel as if you’re the dominant person in your relationship, it might be time to hold back and let passion do the job for the both of you.

If you are afraid or don’t know what to do on your kiss, you can follow these tips and build the momentum from there.

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