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One to four of what homeowners spent is mostly spent by doing the repairs of their own property. When you are a home owner instead of doing the major repairs that may occur in ones home then there are some things that can be done in the houses to avoid all this.Once every month it is always good to check on the heating and the air conditioning filters, at times it can be dirty and once you get it is then it is high time you cleaned it and if its not then you can do it next month.It is also good for one to buy the cheaper filters since they can be changed oftenly and its also more hygienic.When it comes to kitchen disposal it should be cleaned once every month. Kitchen disposal is very important and when there is a problem in the kitchen it may cost you a lot and thus cleaning it once every month is healthy. One should have the vinegar at all times in the kitchen since every month when you are doing the disposal cleaning in the kitchen you can put your vinegar in the ice cubes, then the following day you put it in the disposal, this will remove any grease which might have stuck and then it can give a very clean and fresh smell.When vinegar is put then everything in the disposal especially the blades becomes very sharp and its also efficient.

Fire extinguishers are very important and especially when they have been kept in the kitchen, however they should be inspected every month. Once you have the fire extinguisher in hand, then you should make sure that there will be no signs of weathering out and also the system is not blocked and the last time is to make sure that resistance is there when the gauge is pulled gently. The sump pump should also be ok and it should be checked once or twice in every year, this way it avoids blocking in the basement.We also have the tumble dryer and over time the lint from ones clothes adds to the vent. For more information on how to improve your home, visit our website.

Windows play a very important role in each and every house, the caulks should be checked well and when one notices that they are dry or they are tearing out then its high time they be changed.Roofs too can be damaged and they can also discolor and thus every month they should be inspected, some places are more prone to leakage than others and thus once you see that they are getting damaged then its time they be changed.The grass whether at the backyard or at the front should be kept short and thus the grass should be kept short. When one keeps the lawns clean and tidy then its always good since it all looking good.

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