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Weird Side Of The Web.

Its possible to be bored as much as the internet has a lot of things to read or watch and in those cases you may opt to stroll sites and see what you find. There are very millions of websites out there and the chances of finding yourself in some weird website is very high. If you have not found yourself in such a situation the following are some of the websites that could leave you wondering. People will not stay away from what they consider to be weird, they can’t help but be interested in finding out more of the same. Obsession to the weird staff stems from the adrenaline that people get from being on those websites.

When exposed to gross or something scary on the web for the first time, your heart will be pumping faster and that feeling for many hits the spot. However people want to do this in an environment that they feel in control of and safe . Visit Mind-Boggling Zoom Quit and appreciate the creativity that people can create on artwork, here you have a long zooming image that seems like its tilting and just when it’s about to hit the end it changes into another scene, it’s something to make your brain wonder. Many people will relate to the fact that sometimes there is a need to give out a dramatic reaction to something you perceive negative, no.com will have you doing just that.

Its one of the last websites you would expect to come across but Outhouses of America does exist, the content here allows you to visit outdoor bathrooms in different states and you cross the borders of countries and see what kinds of bathrooms exist there. Ugly Renaissance Babies will let you see some unusual paintings of baby faces that might leave harsh impressions on you. If you are more of the type to have your ribs cracked, you need to visit Awkward Stock Photos where you will be inconsolable from the laughing as you go through the stock photos. All is not weird and meant to test your mind, with Direction.com you have a more useful site as it helps with web design problems. Our homepage has a lot of information about how to look weird.

If you happen to be intrigued by rain, you should consider visiting Rainy Mood where you get beautiful rainy background noises , they have an application you can download to take more with you if you can’t have enough. If you want to pass time engaged in something random you should consider visiting Texter where you are free to use words and pictures to create something unique. If you are intrigued by the living dead or Zombies, zombiepassions.com should be your next stop as there you, meet other people who share the same craze as you.

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